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25% off all Pre-orders. Initial shipping in Nov 2020. Pre-Order a Pair
"It's really cool seeing a product like this actually on the market" Angus - Maker's Muse Buy A Pair
"Environmentally Sustainable Thongs..." Buy A Pair

Pre-Order a Pair

25% off all Pre-orders. Initial shipping in Nov 2020. Pre-Order A Pair
"Don't you think its weird that thongs haven't improved in 60 years and you can only get a dozen standard sizes?" Brett Casson - Founder of Retraction Footwear Buy A Pair

Why Are They Better?

Customisable, Air Cushioning & Extra Support

We've made the first commercially available, fully 3D Printed Thong in the world! We 3D Print everything including the sole, footbed, strap and even the reinforcing lugs! 

This means that every pair is custom made to suit the wearer.  And that's not the only benefit.  Click here to find out more.

Environmentally Sustainable Thongs

One of the biggest issues facing the footwear industry is waste.  Our 3D Printers only use material where it is needed so we produce no waste.  We also print on demand so supply and demand is always matched.  

Recyclable - we'll recycle them into new thongs for you when they eventually wear out! 

Find out more on why our 3D Printed Thongs are environmentally sustinable by clicking here.

Improved Grip & Waterproof

Ever gone sliding in the wet in an old pair of thongs?  Our thongs don't absorb water like a traditional foam thong, which gives increased grip in the wet. 

We've also incorporated a tread and a hard wearing sole. 

They are also fully waterproof - perfect for the next trip to the beach or pool (when we're responsibly able to revisit the pool of course!)

100% Australian Made & 100% Australian Owned

We design, manufacture and ship every pair from our new high tech production facility. 

We're proud of being wholly Australian Made and Australian Owned.

No need to worry about the COVID-19 risk with unknown supply chains.  We make them in our Australian facility, assemble, check and ship them directly to you!

EcoDevils - Launching Soon!

25% off all pre-orders.  Initial Shipping in Nov 2020

Pre-Order A Pair

Who Are We?

At Retraction Footwear, we love thongs!  We wear them all the time.  We also love 3D printing.  We built this company because we thought we could make something significantly better than the traditional style thong that has existed for decades. Click here for more info.

People Talking About Us

What People Are Saying

"In terms of comfort, the 3D printed flip flops are pretty impressive." - 3D Printing Media Network

"So what this shoe shows is sustainability at all the steps of how you think about a product, sustainable design, sustainable production quantities, sustainable production hardware and a sustainable strategy for end of life." The Cool Parts Show

"Retraction Footwear's custom flip flops are made on demand for each buyer's feet.  But they are so much more than that." - Additive Manufacturing Newsletter

"It's really cool seeing a product like this actually on the market." Angus - Maker's Muse

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