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Customised to suit your feet Find out more

The home of thongs that are made for YOUR feet!

Customised to YOUR feet

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Eco-Friendly Thongs

One of the biggest issues facing the footwear industry is waste.  Our thongs are recyclable (we'll even do it for you) and have ZERO off-cuts.

They are also made with 100% renewable energy.

They are also long lasting which means we don't have to make replacement pairs as often.

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Improved Grip & Hard Wearing

Ever gone sliding in the wet in an old pair of thongs?  Retraction Footwear thongs don't absorb water like traditional foam thongs, which gives increased grip in the wet. 

We've also incorporated a tread and a hard wearing sole. 

They are also hard wearing outlasting traditional thongs.

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100% Australian Made & Owned

Where are your thongs made?
Thongs are quintessentially Australian. Yet its damn near impossible to get a pair thats made here. Even most Australian brands still ship product made overseas.

We design and 3d print them in our high tech Adelaide facility before assembling, checking and shipping them directly to you!

How Much Are Your Feet Worth?

What People Are Saying

"I think the company is doing something that is really cool" & "They feel super sturdy"

Krizia - Sew Printed

"In terms of comfort, the 3D printed flip flops are pretty impressive."

3D Printing Media Network

"It's really cool seeing a product like this actually on the market." 

Angus - Maker's Muse

Our Look After You Promise

We exist to make the best pair of thongs possible. However, if you don't LOVE your pair of Retraction Footwear thongs, WE WANT TO KNOW! We are begging you to tell us. WE PROMISE TO MAKE YOU A NEW PAIR WITH THE ISSUE FIXED.

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We also have a NO PLUG BLOWOUT GUARANTEE. Click here to find out about it.

Free Shipping Available

We offer the following shipping options:

- Free Standard Shipping Australia Wide

- $10 Express Shipping Australia Wide

- $20AUD Standard Worldwide Shipping

(Yes we ship WORLDWIDE)

- $30AUD Express Worldwide Shipping

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