• Celebrating Earth Day 2021

      We believe that things can not continue as they are. Climate change is a massive issue and the amount that we send to landfill is off the charts...
  • We've moved

    31st January 2021: Well what a month January has been!  The old Melbourne office has been packed up. The family and I have relocated to Adelaide. ...
  • How we can Customise

    The beauty of 3D Printing our thongs is that we can accommodate a large number of the requests we get.  Recently we receive a request to make on...
  • Who doesn't love a flaming red MO?

    $10 from every pair going to support Movember and Men's Health.
  • Hilarious

    Love this sense of humour...
  • Cool Parts Show Episode

    Click to watch the latest episode featuring Retraction Footwear!
  • COVID Iso Chic

    Have you got your COVID Iso Chic sorted?
  • Vive La France

    Great to be getting talked about as far away as France!  Special thanks to Le Labo 3D for putting the review together. 
  • Pre-order discounts on our new EcoDevils!

    Really pleased with how are new EcoDevil Thongs are coming along.  Get 25% off all pre-orders.  Shipping from 1st November 2020
  • 3DPBM Review

    Tess at 3D Printing Media Network recently completed a great review of our thongs.  Click here to check it out.
  • AM Article

    Want to see what Additive Manufacturing have said about Retraction Footwear?  Click to find out...
  • Green Thong Launch!

    We've just launched our green colour thongs to celebrate helping fix one of the biggest issues in the footwear industry - WASTE....