• AMM Article on Retraction Footwear

    Additive Manufacturing Media article featuring Retraction Footwear discussing how 3D Printing can lead to big design improvements in a short period of time (and a low budget).  
  • IPCC Report on Climate Change

    The IPCC recently released their 6th Assessment Report.  Its written by a large number of scientists who look at the data and assess it in accordance with scientific principles (i.e. so their finding are repeatable and transparent).  
  • New EcoDevils gather great feedback

    We recently updated our EcoDevils design. Whilst we've had many customers raving about the comfort of our original EcoDevils, we thought we could do EVEN better...
  • Got a Design you want to bring to LIFE?

    3D Printing is one of the best ways to test out a new footwear design. Click to find out more.
  • Thanks to the E3D Team

    A shout out to the E3D Onlline team for the mention in their Instagram post today. 
  • Australian Made Week

      One of the reasons we started this company was that thongs are such a part of Australian life but it is damn near impossible to find a pair that...
  • Celebrating Earth Day 2021

      We believe that things can not continue as they are. Climate change is a massive issue and the amount that we send to landfill is off the charts...
  • We've moved

    31st January 2021: Well what a month January has been!  The old Melbourne office has been packed up. The family and I have relocated to Adelaide. ...
  • How we can Customise

    The beauty of 3D Printing our thongs is that we can accommodate a large number of the requests we get.  Recently we receive a request to make on...
  • Who doesn't love a flaming red MO?

    $10 from every pair going to support Movember and Men's Health.
  • Hilarious

    Love this sense of humour...
  • Cool Parts Show Episode

    Click to watch the latest episode featuring Retraction Footwear!