IPCC Report on Climate Change

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently released their Sixth Assessment Report.  Its written by a large number of scientists who look at the data and assess it in accordance with scientific principles (i.e. so their finding are repeatable and transparent).  


The report assesses the likely impacts from 5 potential future scenarios of CO2 production that the scientist believe to be credible.  Soberingly, the least emitting scenario (SSP1-1.9) does not get to zero net emissions until 2057.  The most emitting scenario (SSP5-8.5)  assumed continued increases in Carbon Dioxide emissions.  


I've taken the image below from the report and added over the top the scientist 'Best Estimate' for likely increases in global temperatures.  


Scenarios for Climate Change from the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report


Should you wish to read findings for yourself you can find them at the following links:  


Click here to find all the documents produced

Click here to find a summary two pager on the findings relevant to Australia.

Click here to find the Summary for Policy Makers Document.

Click here to download the full 1300 page report.



Whatever your views on climate change are, this kind of rigous, transparent, peer assessed data and findings is something that is sorely lacking from the public debate.  Congratulations to the authors for pulling together this massive body of work.

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