• Cool Parts Show Episode

    Click to watch the latest episode featuring Retraction Footwear!
  • COVID Iso Chic

    Have you got your COVID Iso Chic sorted?
  • Vive La France

    Great to be getting talked about as far away as France!  Special thanks to Le Labo 3D for putting the review together. 
  • Pre-order discounts on our new EcoDevils!

    Really pleased with how are new EcoDevil Thongs are coming along.  Get 25% off all pre-orders.  Shipping from 1st November 2020
  • 3DPBM Review

    Tess at 3D Printing Media Network recently completed a great review of our thongs.  Click here to check it out.
  • AM Article

    Want to see what Additive Manufacturing have said about Retraction Footwear?  Click to find out...
  • Green Thong Launch!

    We've just launched our green colour thongs to celebrate helping fix one of the biggest issues in the footwear industry - WASTE....
  • Wall Bounce Video

    I knew our fully 3D Printed Thongs were flexible and springy but this is ridiculous...
  • article on Retraction Footwear

      Really excited to be featured in  Its a great website for all things related to 3d printing footwear.  Thanks for the support guys!
  • Future Futurewear Feature on Retraction Footwear

      Future Footwear ( did an article yesterday on our 3D Printed Thongs!  Click the link above to ...
  • Our Latest Video

    Super pumped to be launching our latest video.  I think it explains the benefits of our new thongs really well.  I hope you like it and please fee...
  • Face Shields to assist in the COVID-19 battle

      Hi all, Just a short video of two machines we have pumping out face shields at the moment.  Its not a lot but trying to help where we can.  A hu...