Benefits of Retraction Footwear Thongs

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Retraction Footwear - Fully 3D Printed Thongs

Fully 3D Printed

Whilst this might not be a huge benefit to the majority of the public, to those of us that love 3D printing, it’s pretty sweet.  We print using premium USA made flexible filaments to make the thongs as soft and flexible as possible.



Our thongs currently allow you to customised to your foot width, arch height, preferred colour combinations and obviously length.  We also customise the amount of infill to give an optimal ‘squishiness’ for your weight.  More infill means more support.  Less infill means a softer and more flexible thong.  In the future we hope to increase our level of customisation even further.


Retraction Footwear - Advanced Air Cushioning System

Advanced Air Cushioning System

Retraction Footwear Thongs come with hundreds of air pockets within each thong to give you the feeling of riding on air. 




Retraction Footwear - Thick Heel Cushioning

Extra Support

Typically, thongs are made from a flat slab of foam which provides very little support.  Retraction Footwear Thongs have thick heel cushioning along with customisable arch support to give your feet the support they need. 



Retraction Footwear - Australian Made and Owned

Australian Made

All Retraction Footwear Thongs are printed and assembled in our Adelaide facility. 

We are 100% Australian Made and 100% Australian Owned.

No need to worry about the COVID-19 risk with unknown supply chains.  We make them in our Australian facility, assemble, check and ship them directly to you!



Good for the Environment 

  • Our thongs are made from fully recycleable materials.  In fact if customers let us know (email us at, we'll send them a reply paid satchel for them to return their thongs to us and we'll recycle the thongs for them!
  • We've tweaked our manufacturing process so that each 3D Printer only uses about 50W of energy - about what it takes to run a standard light bulb!  We're working towards getting this supplied from renewable sources as well!
  • 3D Printing is an Additive Manufacturing Technology which only uses material where it is needed.  No offcuts.  No waste.  
  • We print our thongs on demand, meaning we never have surplus stock that has to be sent to the tip - surprisingly common with most retail brands.


Improved Grip in the Wet

Retraction Footwear - Improved Grip in the wet and Waterproof
We’ve all been there.  In a traditional pair of thongs, we’ve been caught out by unexpected shower of rain and now we’re on a smooth surface such as tiles or polished concrete and we’re feeling decidedly unstable.  It happens because the foam sole readily absorbs water and each step causes the water to be squeezed out and an aquaplaning effect results, removing the friction between us and the ground that we normally rely upon.  This is NOT an issue in Retraction Footwear Thongs.  They are not made using foam so they behave more like a pair of regular shoes in the wet rather than traditional thongs.  Retraction Footwear Thongs also incorporate tread to increase your traction even further. 



Retraction Footwear Thongs don’t use suede, cork or other materials that are susceptible to water damage.  They are fully waterproof.  A fully submersion may leave them a little ‘squelchy’ for a while, however a few hours to dry in the sunshine will sort that out. 


Improved Wear

Our testing has shown Retraction Footwear Thongs are hard wearing.  Even after hundreds of kilometres of walking in them, the soles still show signs of wearing out. 


Mechanically fixed and glued by hand

The strap is mechanically fixed and glued to the sole in each of the three connection points making it very strong.  We do this by hand to ensure that a quality thong is produced, one that will withstand the rigors  of modern life. 


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