COVID-19 Prevention Policy

Retraction Footwear COVID-19 Prevention Policy


We have the following measures in place to ensure that anything you receive from us will be free of the COVID-19 virus.


  • Our printers extrude filament at over 200 degrees Celcius (around 400F) which means that any virus on the raw filament when we receive it is sterilized. 
  • We print, assemble and check every pair within our Australian facility.  We do NOT need to collect parts from various factories to assemble in a different facilities.  Less people involved = less risk.
  • We then seal each pair in a packing satchel meaning that nothing can get into it during transit from our facility to your address.
  • We are a small family owned business with three employees that have direct assess to our production facility.  This reduces the risk significantly compared with a large factory.  And our 3D Printers can't catch COVID-19.
  • We are based in Australia.  As of 26th November 2020, Australia has had less than 28,000 cases total out of a population of 25 million.  Less than 100 cases remain active (most of those are in Quarantine Hotels) with the rest having recovered.  
  • All employees are to remain at home if they are feeling unwell or have any signs of the virus.


If you have any questions on this policy, please contact us at


This page was last updated on 26th November 2020.

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