Frequently Asked Questions

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Got questions?  We hope the following helps.  If not, get in contact with us at


How do I get the right size?

We have a size guide that you can find here that we hope will help.  It even has info about how to scan your feet with apps to can download to your phone so you can get them made millimeter perfect for your feet.


I don't see my size listed?

No problems.  Because we 3D print each pair, we can make them to suit.  Just shoot us an email at and we will sort you out.


I have different size feet.  Can you accommodate this?

Definitely.  Shoot us an email to with any specific requirements and we can accommodate them.


Why do you need to know my weight range?
We promise we won't tell anyone!  We use your weight to customise the amount of support in the sole of the thong to give you the optimal support to 'squishiness' factor - not too firm, not to unsupportive.  However if you still don't feel comfortable listing the weight range, simply pick "I'd prefer not to say" and we'll give you a standard amount of support.


Do you customise the thongs to my foot?

We customise in terms of your foot length, width and arch height plus also your weight.  We also customise your colour preferences for the sole, foot bed and strap.  In the future we hope to include more customisation and your purchase today will help facilitate this.


Why can't you send them straight away?

We make each pair to suit you.  Our high tech production facility will get your thongs to you as soon as we can and our printers will work through the night to ensure this!


How long do they take to make?

It depends on the size but typically each pair takes just arounnd 36 hours to print.  Some things are worth the wait...


How environmentally sustainable are your thongs?

In a word - very.  Check out this page if you want more details.  We'll recycle them for you when you are done with them and our process makes no waste and uses very little power.


How do you make them?

We use an army of 3D printers that have been heavily modified to suit printing with flexible materials.  Check out our link here for more details on how we make them.


What material do you use?

We use very flexible filaments to ensure the thongs are flexible and comfortable.  


What payment methods are accepted?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.  We also accept Google Pay, Apple Pay, Shop Pay and Paypal.


Are the thongs waterproof?

Absolutely!  You can throw them in the ocean or washing machine and they will be fine.  Just keep them away from excessive temperatures (more than 80 degrees Celcuis) to stop them softening too much.  If you fully submerge them, they may get a touch 'squelchy' but a couple of hours in the sunshine will fix that.  


How do I look after my thongs?

Should they get dirty, a quick wipe-over with a moist cloth works well.  If there the dirt is more ingrained, use an old fingernail brush, old toothbrush or some other similarly stiff brush to quickly work tthe dirt loose.


What's the story with postage/shipping?

Check out our Postage page here.



Where can I wear them?

Our thongs are intended for normal thong use such as walking and relaxing around the home or beach.  As with any thong, they are not intended for dangerous activities such as mowing the lawns, driving or wearing on dangerous surfaces.  Also whilst our thongs do provide additional grip in the wet, if you intend to tranverse particularly slippery surfaces, it is strongly recommended that appropriate enclosed shoes be worn.


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