Long Lasting Thongs

Ever had a pair of thongs for a few months only to start feeling every pebble and stone under your heel?  The reason is that most thongs are made from foam which is not hard wearing.  Over time it wears away and gets thin.  This means YOU LOSE SUPPORT.  
Retraction Footwear thongs are made from a soft but hard wearing TPU (which stands for Thermoplastic Poly Urethane).  It's the stuff you find on performance running shoe soles and its a lot harder wearing than foam.  
We can prove it too.  Independent testing shows that Retraction Footwear thongs reduce heel pressure by 40% even after walking half a million steps in them!  The first image in the video above shows high (red) pressure under the heel.  The second image shows how this is reduced by wearing (well worn) EcoDevils.
Performance in the Wet
TPU soles have another significant benefit too.  It doesn't absorb water like foam.  Traditional thongs can be positively dangerous when wet on smooth surfaces.  As you step in them, you squeeze the water out.  This layer of water under the thong removes the friction we normally rely on when walking, making them super slippery. 
Retraction Footwear thongs perform more like running shoes in the wet than traditional foam thongs.  We have tread incorporated as well to help keep you sure footed.  
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