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Retraction Footwear Press Mentions


The following links are a few media mentions that we are aware of.  Sometimes it's nice to be talked about...

Retraction Footwear featured in 3D Printing Media Network

"In terms of comfort, the 3D printed flip flops are pretty impressive."

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 The Cool Parts Show

"So what this shoe shows is sustainability at all the steps of how you think about a product, sustainable design, sustainable production quantities, sustainable production hardware and a sustainable strategy for end of life." The Cool Parts Show

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"Retraction Footwear also represents a shift in thinking about the role of the manufacturer and the nature of production." 

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"...très confortable." Le Labo 3D

(Look my French leaves plenty to be desired but it was nice to very that phrase a few times!)

Engineers Australia Logo

"A really innovative approach to manufacturing a well-established product. This makes a strong case for the no-waste additive manufacturing approach versus the traditional subtractive approach." Engineers Australia Innovation Award Judging Panel

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Additive Manufacturing Newletter Article

"Retraction Footwear's custom flip flops are made on demand for each buyers feet.  But they are so much more than that." 


 Makers Muse Review of Retraction Footwear Thongs
"It's really cool seeing a product like this actually on the market." Angus - Maker's Muse
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Future Footwear Link to the Retraction Footwear article logo

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