Press Kit

Retraction Footwear 3D Printed Thongs White on Black


For Media Inquiries, please contact us at and we hope that the following resources help out.  Note these resources are free to use, no permissions required.  However if you contact us, we can dig up anything else you may be after.


Summary Video

Please click here for a video explaining our Retraction Footwear 3D Printed Thongs.


Benefits of Retraction Footwear Thongs

We deliberately keep things pretty brief on the home page however if you would like more details on the benefits of our thongs, please click here.


Want to check out who else is talking about Retraction Footwear?

Then check out this page.


Want to understand how they are made?

Then check out this page that has videos on each step of the process.


Why Brett started this company?

Want to understand the reasons for starting Retraction Footwear?  Click here to find out why.  


Retraction Footwear? 

Want to understand the story behind the name?  Click here to find out.


What do we stand for?

Want to understand what Retraction Footwear believes in?  Click here to understand our guiding principles.  


Founder Bio

Want to know who this Brett bloke is?  Click here to find out.


High Res Images

Looking for a high res image?  Click here to download some.



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