Our Look After You Promise

We exist to make the best pair of thongs possible and we think we are doing a damn fine job of it based on the feedback we've been receiving. However, if you don't LOVE your pair of Retraction Footwear thongs, WE WANT TO KNOW! We are begging you to tell us. Please email me personally at brett.casson@retractionfootwear.com . It’s the only way we can improve. And if you do reach out, all we ask is that you let us know what the problem was along with an image to illustrate it, and WE PROMISE TO MAKE YOU A NEW PAIR WITH THE ISSUE FIXED. Swear to god (not that we believe in god).

Timeframes? Any time within 365 days of receiving them. The thongs are built to last after all.

Do I have to send the old pair back? Nope. You can either keep them or if you would like them to be recycled, then let us know and we'll send a reply paid satchel out with the new pair. Simple.

Does all this cost any extra? Nope. You've already paid for a pair. We see it as our duty to get you the best pair we can.

What if I still don't like them? If you are still not loving your new thongs, let us know and we will sadly offer you a refund and admit defeat. Gladly we haven't ever reached this point in the past.

Yours sincerely,

Brett Casson
Retraction Footwear 
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