Why 3D Print Thongs?

Your feet are different to everyone else's.  That's not a bad thing!  However we normally have to pick a size based on length alone.  No consideration for your feet's width or arch height.  Let alone how much support you need.  And what if your feet are slightly different sizes?

Why do shoe companies do this?  Two main reasons:

1. Shoes are normally made with expensive steel tooling.  Limiting the  number of sizes makes them cheaper to produce.  

2. Retail stores typically don't want to carry too many sizes in stock as this increases the amount of inventory they have to hold to ensure they have  the right size for you.

We 3D Print are thongs as it frees us from the need to have tooling.  We print on demand so we can always make exactly what you need.  Have an extra wide foot?  No problem.  Have a Size 9 Left Foot and a Size 9.5 Right?  We can accommodate that too along with a heap of other requests.

3D Printing footwear has a few other advantages too:

  • It allows us to make a complex sole incorporating our Advanced Air Cushioning System with hundreds of air pockets to cushion your feet and provide a very comfortable thong.
  • We actually adapt this Advanced Air Cushioning System to suit you!  We match the size of the air pockets to suit your weight and foot size - giving you the perfect combination of cushioning and support.  Too much cushioning and your thongs will feel hard and stiff.  Too little and they won't provide enough support and you'll feel every stone.  Watch the following video which explains this better.

  • 3D Printing also allows us to incorporate thick cushioning under the heel and customisable arch support to help your feet.
  • It allows us to customise the thong to your foot.  We already customise in terms of foot length, width, arch height and weight.  In the future we plan to customise even further!
  • 3D Printing creates no waste!  Traditionally footwear is made by cutting materials down to size and throwing away the leftovers.  Instead our 3D Printers only place material where it is needed.  Click here if you want to know what else we are doing to be eco friendly.  


In the future, we believe standard sizes will be a thing of the past.  We will scan our feet with an app in our phone.  We will use the VR technology in our phones (or VR Headsets) to check out how different styles look on our feet.  Then we will be able to order the perfect pair, better than anything we could have possibly bought in a store from the comfort of the home couch and made exactly for your feet.

Your support today will help create this tomorrow.

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