Why 3D Print Thongs?

White and Black Pair on Stairs

We've made the first commercially available, fully 3D Printed Thong in the world! We 3D Print everything including the sole, footbed, strap and even the reinforcing lugs! So why 3D Print Thongs?

  • 3D Printing allows us to make a complex sole incorporating our Advanced Air Cushioning System with hundreds of air pockets to cushion your feet and provide a very comfortable thong.
  • We actually adapt this Advanced Air Cushioning System to suit you!  We match the size of the air pockets to suit your weight and foot size - giving you the perfect combination of cushioning and support.
  • 3D Printing also allows us to incorporate thick cushioning under the heel and customisable arch support to help your feet.
  • It allows us to customise the thong to your foot.  We already customise in terms of foot length, width, arch height and weight.  In the future we plan to customise even futher!
  • 3D Printing creates no waste!  Traditionally footwear is make by cutting materials down to size and throwing away the leftovers.  Instead our 3D Printers only place material where it is needed.  


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