Why Brett Started This Company

Retraction Footwear 3D Printed Thongs

Hi, I'm Brett and I’m an engineer that loves new challenges.  I’d been fascinated with 3D Printing for several years and it struck me that footwear is something that should be well suited to 3D Printing.  Afterall, everyones foot is different, yet often we rely on a shoe that comes in around 8-10 standard sizes.   One of the beauty’s of 3D Printing is that it is not tied to expensive tooling to manufacture a quality product.  Hence infinite customisation to suit an individuals foot is possible.

The more I thought about starting a company to 3D Print Footwear, the more it made sense to me so at the end of 2018 I left my job and started Retraction Footwear.   Customisation what only one part of it.  It meant we could manufacture product in Australia rather than outsourcing to an overseas factory.  It meant we could produce a design that was significantly improved compared to anything available on the market.  And using 3D Printing meant we could produce something with no waste.  No off-cuts. 

I often get asked, “Why did you focus on thongs?” The simple answer is that I love them.  I wear them all the time.  And the traditional thong is so basic and hasn’t advanced in decades so it is something that I thought I could also make a significant improvements on. 

After much design iteration and testing we recently launched our thongs to the public in March 2020.  It’s been a labour of love and I’m pretty pumped to be sharing them with the world now. 


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